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Ava Marie is an attractive young woman who produces and sells some really good self made porn through the internet. She has a petite tanned body and she knows how to use it. I first found her from a solo masturbation video that was very appealing. I started digging further and discovered more content including a couple of really great sex scenes.

Interviews with people in the sex industry have been part and parcel of Rockit Reports since this website first went online back in 2012. At various times these interviews have been some of the most popular posts on this website in terms of overall views. That makes sense to me. It is interesting to get some background on the people who produce adult content that we enjoy.

Pinay Ava Marie in a bikiniPinay Ava Marie in a bikini

One of Ava Marie’s lesbian videos features Astro Domina. Long time readers of this may remember that I interviewed Astro Domina who was then also known as Astro Kittie several years ago. It is a small world after all. Especially when it comes to sex and sexuality.


Ava Marie is notable not only for her looks but also in that she is riding the wave of the future. Porn is not dead or dying. It is simply shifting to a different style. If it is anything like what Ava Marie produces that can only be a good thing. So it is great to know what she thinks about things as they are and how they will be in the future. We touched on that milf cam and more in this interview.

How old are you and where are you from?

I am 22 and live in Seattle currently. I am originally from the Philippines.


When did you first have sex?

I was 17, with my boyfriend at the time

How about porn? When did you first see porn?

I’ve watched porn since I was actually really little haha. I also used to go on Omegle just to watch guys jack off when I was a horny little teen.

How did you decide to make videos yourself?

A guy offered me $500 to make a video of me playing with myself, after that I decided to start making much more money off of videos.

How do you find the guys in your videos?

I only have a few sex tapes available for sale. I have one with a stranger from Vegas, and the rest are shot with a friend who is aspiring to do OnlyFans also that I’ve known a long time.

Do you plan on making videos with more than guy? Or with women?

I have lots of videos with other beautiful women and will continue to shoot with other recognizable names in the industry.

Do your family and friends know what you do?

Only my closest friend and my Aunt. Besides that I keep this side of my life very private.

Have you ever met people who watch your porn on the street?

I have not yet unfortunately. I am looking forward to the day someone recognizes me and hopefully asks for an autograph.

What do you think about prostitution?

I do not have any comment on prostitution.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to use my earnings to invest in a business that will somehow give back to the world in one way or the other.